Head Aquatics Coach (Water Polo/Swimming) and Assistant Professor of Kinesiology (Tenure Track)

Job Description

Position Title

Head Aquatics Coach (Water Polo/Swimming) and Assistant Professor of Kinesiology (Tenure Track)

Special Instructions to Applicants

Thank you for your interest in applying for the tenure-track faculty position in the Aquatics which includes coaching and teaching at DVC! We are eager to learn about who you are and why you are passionate about teaching and coaching at our community college. We want to know what you are like as an instructor, colleague, and member of a campus community.

We are looking for a colleague who will demonstrate discipline expertise and show sensitivity to and understanding of the diverse academic, socioeconomic, cultural, ethnic backgrounds and abilities of community college students.

We are looking for instructors who share a strong commitment to social and racial justice and who use or are inspired to use anti-racist pedagogies that close equity gaps by recognizing, understanding, and respecting the perspectives of all students.

We strongly encourage those with historically marginalized and/or underrepresented identities to apply, including people of color, non-binary and transgender individuals, women, and Indigenous people.

Supplemental Questions: Please use your cover letter, CV/resume and the supplemental questions to address all the minimum and desirable qualifications. The supplemental question section of this application is an opportunity for us to learn about your strengths and how your unique background, experiences, and skills will help to achieve the goals of the college and enhance our community. Please make sure to answer all parts of each supplemental question. In addition to information from your cover letter and resume/CV, your responses to the questions help us determine how you satisfy the desirable qualifications for this position. The information provided by your responses guides the decision on which individuals will be invited for an interview. Feel free to repeat information from a previous answer, cover letter, or resume if necessary to fully answer a question.

The disciplines listed in the minimum qualifications are determined by the statewide Academic Senate for California Community Colleges. A Doctoral degree (PhD) is considered to encompass a masters degree (MA or MS).

If the title(s) of your degree major(s) listed on your unofficial transcripts or other documents from the degree-granting institutions are not an EXACT MATCH to the degrees listed below, you MUST submit an equivalency form. Without it, your application will not be considered. The equivalency form can be downloaded here. In addition to responding to the required Supplemental Questions below, please upload the following required documents:

1. Any/all undergraduate and graduate unofficial transcripts (must show degree and the date degree was conferred).

2. Résumé including information regarding preparation and experience relevant to the position and

3. Cover letter explaining your interest in the position.

Contra Costa Community College District follows all relevant local, state, federal, and CDC guidance related to COVID-19.

Description of Position

Diablo Valley College inspires, educates, and empowers a diverse community of students to transform their lives and their communities. DVC instructors close equity gaps by fostering success among all students. To help further this work, Diablo Valley College seeks a tenure-track Head Aquatics Coach (Water Polo/Swimming) and Assistant Kinesiology Professor with aquatics programming responsibilities to start in Fall 2023.

We are looking for a colleague who will demonstrate discipline expertise and show sensitivity to and understanding of the diverse academic, socioeconomic, cultural, ethnic backgrounds and abilities of community college students.

We are looking for instructors who share a strong commitment to social and racial justice and who use or are inspired to use anti-racist pedagogies that close equity gaps by recognizing, understanding, and respecting the perspectives of all students.
We strongly encourage those with historically marginalized and/or underrepresented identities to apply, including people of color, non-binary and transgender individuals, women, and Indigenous people.

The successful candidate is an accomplished aquatics coach for mens and womens water polo and swimming with collaborative teaching experience in the Kinesiology discipline and possesses a background in various teaching modalities.

The successful candidate will be responsible for all the duties and responsibilities required of coaches at community colleges, which can be found in the duties and responsibility section of the job announcement. These include but are not limited to recruiting student athletes and monitoring their academic progress, organizing and scheduling practices and games/meets, coordinating year-round strength and conditioning programs, and managing budgets.

Our Vision for Social Justice

We are seeking people who recognize the critical role community colleges play in social justice, who have ability in this space, enthusiasm for this work, ideas and vision to improve our approaches, and a commitment to achieving equitable academic success for the 50,000+ students attending our five beautiful colleges and centers. Our social justice work calls for employees who have a sense of social responsibility, interest in our community and world in which we live.

The intention of social justice work is to strengthen humanity by understanding that every person deserves the benefits of fully participating in our society and institutions.

Academic researchers have illustrated that crucial social justice principles are a compilation of equality, equity, diversity, inclusion, engagement, environmental sustainability and human rights. These complex principles are challenging to operationalize in higher education; yet, we are steadfast in our diligence to forge ahead to advance this vital mission.

Community colleges are uniquely positioned to lead higher education in the work of social justice. Many of our students come from historically underserved and underrepresented backgrounds; students of color, students with recent immigrant histories, students from cycles of low income if not poverty, students from indigenous communities, and students from first-generation families.

The idea of promoting social mobility through education is unconditionally and uncompromisingly embraced by community colleges. This is an exciting role, and it comes with a heavy responsibility. Simply put, we need to create environments where our students achieve greater academic success, so much so that we close our persistent equity/opportunity gaps.

If you are committed to social and racial justice and if you are interested in joining a community dedicated to solving these inequities through education, please apply.


Contact the office of Office of Instruction (Susan Turnquist at

Recruitment Type



Diablo Valley College

Posting Number


# of Openings



Initial salary placement for full-time, tenure track positions is based on academic degree(s), upper/graduate level units earned, and/or qualifying related professional occupation experience which ranges from $60,294 to $99,876 per year (Up to $117k). Adjunct instructor rate is $68.91-$114.14 per hour (up to $131.15).

Position Status

Tenure- Track

EEO Job Category

Faculty & Other Instructional Staff

Employee Group

Full-Time Faculty


D3900-Physical Education



Duties and Responsibilities

In addition to contractual duties, all full-time faculty are expected to participate actively in their disciplines, department activities, and the general intellectual life and governance of the college. The college offers day, evening, on-line and weekend classes, and faculty may be required to teach in during any of these modalities and time frames.

Duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

1. Perform head swim and/or water polo coaching assignments including, but not limited to,
2. supervision of student-athletes
3. supervision and management of the DVC aquatics complex
4. organization of practices
5. hiring and supervision of assistant coaches
6. scheduling of games/meets
7. creating, managing, and implementing year-round strength and conditioning programs
8. recruitment of incoming student athletes to maintain a competitive intercollegiate athletic program(s).
9. coordination of student academic success, retention, and transfer, which includes:
  • a. the preparation of student-athletes to transition to the 4-year intercollegiate level with the academic and athletic tools for success.
  • b. Monitor student academic progress for transfer and work with the aquatics academic support coordinator.
10. Oversee and manage swim and water polo operational budgets, fundraising activities, and the athletic program, in general
11. Appropriately represent Diablo Valley College by:
  • a. attending CCCAA Sport Coaches Association and conference meetings.
  • b. Complying with California Community College Athletic Association (CCCAA) Rules and Regulations
  • c. Understand both current CCCAA and NCAA eligibility and transfer rules/regulations.
12. Teach a variety of kinesiology activity/lecture courses.
13. Create pedagogy and aquatics career education courses and certificates.
14. Serve on department, division, college, district, and/or Big 8 conference committees
15. Participate in professional development activities
16. Perform other duties as required by contract, collective bargaining agreement, and general institutional needs
17. advancing equitable student learning through dedicated, exemplary instruction in accordance with established course outlines.
18. participating in the assessment of student learning outcomes for courses and programs; developing and implementing student learning outcomes assessment processes for courses and programs.
19. collaborating in the development and revision of curriculum and in program review.
20. engaging in department program improvement initiatives.
21. participating in department, division, and college committees.
22. participating in professional development activities, both departmental and college wide.
23. maintaining current knowledge in the subject matter area and effective teaching/ learning strategies.
24. maintaining appropriate standards of professional conduct and ethics.
25. informing students of course requirements, evaluation procedures and attendance requirements.
26. preparing and grading class assignments and examinations and informing students of their academic progress.
27. maintaining attendance, scholastic, and personnel records and submitting them according to published deadlines.
28. posting and holding sufficient and regular office hours in accordance with prevailing policy.
29. participating in Colleges shared governance processes.
30. Ability to obtain an online teaching pedagogy certification from the state chancellors office or equivalent.

Minimum Qualification-Education/Experience

Understanding of and sensitivity to the diverse academic, socioeconomic, cultural, sexual orientation and ethnic backgrounds of community college students, staff, and faculty.

The applicant must possess one of the following qualifications (earned degrees must be from an accredited college/university):

Masters degree in kinesiology, physical education, exercise science, education with an emphasis in physical education, kinesiology, physiology of exercise or adaptive physical education
Bachelors degree in any of the above AND Masters degree in any life science, dance, physiology, health education, recreation administration or physical therapy
the equivalent

If you do not possess the EXACT minimum qualifications (i.e., you do not possess the EXACT degree title listed) and believe that you meet the minimum qualifications, fill out the equivalency petition form in the document section of the online application. If you are unsure that you meet the minimum qualifications, please fill out the equivalency petition. The equivalency form can be downloaded here

The applicant must have completed the General Education requirements for the desired degree and show evidence of outstanding professional achievement and/or substantial training in the requested field. The applicant must submit substantial evidence, which demonstrates that his/her preparation, teaching experience, work experience, and ability are equivalent to those expected from a person who meets the minimum qualifications.


List all aquatic Licenses and Certifications/Credentials you possess in your CV/resume.

This position requires the following aquatic certifications:

1. Water safety instructor and/or Lifeguard or equivalent.
2. First Aid and CPR.
3. Possession of a valid California Drivers License (or ability to obtain one)

Desirable Qualifications

Highly qualified candidates will possess knowledge, skills, and experience that address the desirable qualifications below. Responses to the supplemental questions below allow the applicant to describe how they meet these qualifications.

1. Ability to teach on multiple platforms i.e., online (asynchronous and synchronous), face-to-face, hybrid, etc.
2. Experience with facility management and supervision.
3. Experience coaching swimming and/or water polo at a collegiate and/or elite level
4. Experience with and knowledge of diverse learning styles and various academic goals.
5. Collaborative and student-centered individual who is committed to the district, college, and department missions with experience and skill in addressing educational inequities
6. Experience with technology, software and learning management systems.
7. Certified Aquatic instructor for various aquatic certifications i.e., lifeguard training, Water Safety Instructor, Emergency aquatic rescue, PADI, Scuba, etc.
Please list any certificates in your CV/resume.
8. Demonstrated ability to prepare student-athletes to transition to an intercollegiate and/or elite level with academic and athletic skills for success.

Job Open Date:


Job Close Date:


Open Until Filled


Employment Begins:

August, 2023

# of Months


Employee Benefits

Membership in State Teachers Retirement System (STRS)
District-paid benefits (employee contributes 6%) for employee and dependents/domestic partners include:
- Medical (Anthem Blue Cross or Kaiser) insurance including chiropractic services
- Dental and vision
- Flexible spending (125) plan
- Life and long-term disability insurance
- Employee Assistance Program
- Deferred compensation (403b and 457)
- Sabbatical Leave

Additional Benefits: The District also offers eligible faculty employees, travel assistance plan, retiree benefits, and employee discounts on health memberships.

Newly hired employees may notify the respective union (Local 1 or United Faculty) if they opt to join and/or authorize payment to the union. If the newly hired employee authorizes payment to the union then the following fees apply: Local 1 has a one-time initiation fee of $45.00 and monthly contribution of 1% of gross pay +$1. United Faculty has an agency fee of .55% of gross pay plus $2.50.

How to Apply

1. Interested applicants must submit all of the application materials online to be considered for this position. We do not accept hand-delivered, e-mailed, faxed or postal mailed application packets.
2. It is your responsibility to ensure that all application materials are received on or before the closing date. Our application deadline time is 11:59pm on the specified closing date.
3. You should submit an unofficial transcript for screening purposes. If you do not have electronic version of the transcript required for the position, you can have it scanned by a Staples, Office Max or Office Depot, etc. All applicants will have an opportunity to upload transcripts when completing our online application process. You should be prepared to provide an official transcripts prior to employment start date should the position be offered.
4. If you do not possess the required educational degrees and are applying under the equivalency process, you bear the responsibility of submitting the Districts Equivalency Application. Equivalency applications with supporting documentation should be submitted when 1) degrees are not in exact discipline required; 2) degree is in progress; 3) degrees were earned at a college or university outside of the United States. All applicants will have an opportunity to upload an equivalency form for evaluation by a college equivalency committee when completing our online application process.
5. Applicants with foreign degrees must provide official certification of equivalency to United States degrees. An approved National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES) agency must evaluate your course work. All applicants will have an opportunity to upload a foreign degree evaluation for review of by a college equivalency committee when completing our online application process. Please read more details in the Foreign Degree and Credit Statement section of the job announcement.
6. Documents uploaded online must be the actual documents to be considered for review. Do not upload a “placeholder” document. Applications with placeholder documents are considered incomplete and will be rejected. Only upload the required documents, other materials can be presented if you are selected for an interview.
7. All application materials become the property of the district and will not be returned or duplicated.

Selection Process

Applications will be screened to ensure the applicant meets the minimum qualifications as stated in the job announcement.

1. The applications, cover letters, answers to required supplemental questions, resumes, unofficial college transcripts, and other supporting materials submitted by all qualified applicants will be reviewed by a screening committee. Those who are deemed to possess the highest degree of desirable qualifications will be invited to an interview at their own expense. The interview may be conducted on campus. We estimate these interviews will be scheduled for the week of April 10, 2023.

2. Applicants may be asked to conduct a lecture/teaching demonstration appropriate to the discipline. Responses to the interview questions and demonstration(s) will be rated by the interview committee.

3. Based upon the overall rating, a small number of applicants will be invited to the campus at their own expense for an interview with the college president, vice president of equity and instruction, and vice president of equity and student services. We estimate these interviews will be scheduled for the week of May 8, 2023. Out-of-area applicants, for whom travel is a hardship, may request a final interview via Zoom.

4. After consultation with the interview committee, the college president will make the final recommendation for employment to the chancellor and the governing board of the Contra Costa Community College District.

5. Upon hire, the successful candidate must meet the conditions of employment. Finalists must provide verification of transcripts and work experience, TB test, physical examination, fingerprinting/conviction clearance, and proof of identity and eligibility to work in the United States.

Foreign Degree and Credit Statement

In accordance with the United Faculty Contract, Article, all foreign degrees and credits used to meet the minimum qualifications must be evaluated by an approved National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES) agency prior to the implementation of the equivalency process. Please upload your evaluation with your application when you apply for this position. We cannot accept foreign degree evaluations after the closing date

ADA Accommodations:

Request For Reasonable Accommodation

Medical Verification

Candidates with legally defined disabilities may request reasonable accommodations by notifying the Human Resources Department by the deadline date. Candidates will be required to supply documentation supporting the need for the accommodation when the request is made. Please complete the forms provided in the links above and email to

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About Us

About the District

The mission of the Contra Costa Community College District is to transform lives by providing outstanding learning opportunities that nurture and empower all students to achieve their educational goals. The dedicated faculty, classified professionals and administrators in the District are committed to core values and action that promote excellence in learning and equitable student success. The District is committed to hiring and developing a diverse staff that understands that cultural diversity in the academic environment promotes academic excellence; fosters cultural, racial and human understanding; provides positive role models for all students; and creates an inclusive and supportive educational work environment for its students, employees, and the community it serves.

Located in Contra Costa County, in the beautiful and diverse San Francisco East Bay area, the District serves the 1 million residents of the County through education, business partnerships and service in the community. The District first opened its doors in 1949 and is the second oldest and eighth largest multi-college community college district in California. The District consists of three colleges and two centers; Contra Costa College in San Pablo; Diablo Valley College in Pleasant Hill; Los Medanos College in Pittsburg; and the centers in Brentwood and San Ramon. The District Office located in downtown Martinez, supports the mission and functions of the colleges.

As evidenced by the rich diversity in Contra Costa County, the District enrolls a highly diverse student population. Serving over 50,354 students a year, in 2019-20 fiscal year the demographic make-up of the students was 9% Black/African American; 17% Asian/Pacific Islander; 35% Hispanic/Latino; 26% White/Caucasian; and 13% Other.

The District actively encourages a diverse pool of applicants to serve the dynamic student population and work collaboratively with existing colleagues that are equally dynamic and diverse.

Contra Costa College

Contra Costa College is a dynamic, comprehensive community college with a diverse student population. The institution has served the communities of West Contra Costa County for more than 69 years. Most of the 10,500-plus students who attend the college come from local communities, but many also come from neighboring communities and from countries throughout the world. The college offers certificates and degree programs in 70 areas. It prepares students for immediate employment and for transfer to four-year colleges and universities. Faculty and staff are proud to be affiliated with an institution that has a tradition of excellence and a reputation for educating students to live and work in a diverse global environment.

Diablo Valley College

DVC is committed to increasing student success. The college has distinguished itself as one of the nations most successful community colleges by offering incomparable transfer opportunities and exceptional career-technical programs. In both Pleasant Hill and San Ramon, a diverse student body engages with high-quality instruction and support services designed for excellence and equity in student learning. DVCs career-technical programs keep pace with emerging technologies and skill requirements, while unparalleled transfer programs prepare students to be successful in four-year colleges and universities. DVC continuously ranks among the top transfer pathways to UC Berkeley.

Los Medanos College
Los Medanos College, opened in 1974, is the newest campus of the Contra Costa Community College District. The college prepares students to excel and succeed economically, socially and intellectually in an innovative, engaging and supportive learning environment. LMC provides quality programs and state-of-the-art facilities to serve the needs of a rapidly-growing and changing East County while enhancing the quality of life of the diverse communities it serves. Los Medanos College is known for its transferable general education program and career technical programs strongly connected with local business and industry. The college serves approximately 10,000 students.

Diversity Statement

It is the Districts policy to ensure that all qualified applicants for employment and employees have full and equal access to employment opportunity, and are not subjected to discrimination in any program or activity of the District on the basis of ethnic group identity, race, color, ancestry, religion, marital status, sex, national origin, gender, gender identity, gender expression, age, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability, medical condition, genetic information, veteran status, parental status, citizenship or because an individual is perceived to have one or more of these characteristics or based on association with a person or group with one or more of these actual or perceived characteristics.

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