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Tutoring and Learning Center


Under direction of the appropriate supervisor, provides specialized tutorial services to students in a particular subject area. Generally assists one or a small number of students.

Assist students individually and in small groups to support student learning and academic success in specific subject areas and courses. Tutoring is conducted individually and in small groups, face-to-face and online, following established tutoring standards and best practices.

Tutors become familiar with the curriculum, course materials, and assignments; model effective study skills and demonstrate use of technology, software, and equipment when applicable; and communicate with instructors on students questions and areas needing review, as appropriate. Tutors participate in ongoing training including discussions, team meetings, peer-observations, and other professional development opportunities. Sample training topics include learning theories, communication styles, culturally responsive pedagogy, conflict resolution, critical thinking and problem solving.

Embedded tutors may work closely with an instructor and specific sections, attending class sessions, supporting group activities, Canvas discussions, and related learning activities.

Embedded tutors may be designated as STEM (Science, Tech, Engineering, Math); English/writing dual-enrollment at South Tahoe High School; student-athletes; and/or Rising Scholars, supporting the educational goals of students who are currently incarcerated. General tutors may be cross-trained with library front desk and shelving duties. Higher level tutors may act as lead, conduct outreach and ambassador duties, mentor less experienced tutors, answer more difficult questions, and/or perform lab coordination duties.

Education and Experience

This position requires specialized knowledge in the appropriate subject area. Level of hire is dependent upon relevant education and experience. New hires are typically hired at Tutor level I; those with relevant education or experience at level II; embedded or higher level tutors at level III.

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